Our Story

We are a scented candle company, specialized in making destination-themed scented candles; based on our first-hand travel experiences. We take pride in using premium quality ingredients. What you see here is a culmination of over a decade of world travels which has led to the inspiration of this candle company. Being able to provide  such an experience is indeed a dream come true. 10% of our profit goes to helping underprivileged children with food and essential items in Africa.

Scents can be very powerful in recalling special moments and places from our pasts, and that's what we aspire to do for you.We strive to elicit that response through each of our unique candle scents. For us, it is not just about a particular scent, but more about the "memories" behind each inspiration.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit our offered destinations, we hope to entice you to have a desire to explore your dream destinations. For those who have had the opportunity to travel to our provided destinations, we hope that our scents help you remember why you fell in love with those destinations. 

At Kazany, we are here to take you to a different place and time.